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the dark

My home network is not so afraid of the dark… I have no guarantee of absolute protection from zero-day threats, but no one does. We can only do our best to keep up with current anti-virus and firewall rules, but … Continue reading

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Even old servers deserve our help.

You too may have spent some time recently, responding to the Shellshock threat. Most (many ?) sites had a pretty good grip and were able to apply available patches easily and reduce their visibility quickly. I thought of one client … Continue reading

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How to configure NAT for Xen virtual machines on OpenSuse 13

I was recently asked to help someone configure NAT for VMs running on Xen with OpenSuse 13.  I don’t have a ton of experience with Xen, but I must say this was much more difficult than I anticipated.  I believe … Continue reading

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sendmail delivery to alternate port

Slightly dated, but still a very useful sendmail hack. My cable modem provider blocks not only outbound port 25 to anyone other than their own mail server, but they block inbound port 25 (as tho I am not responsible enough … Continue reading

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