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Twitter-ish Bio: AMSAT, APRS, ARES, ARRL, Cisco, Dad, Digital, EmComm, Husband, Kundalini, IA, IT, LinkedIn, NASA, RedHat, Satellites, SomeNet, TV, WireShark, WordPress, ZFx My day job is Network Engineering for NASA @ MSFC, primarily supporting the International Space Station. My other 'job' is working as an Assistant ARRL Emergency Coordinator for the Huntsville - Madison County AL Amateur Radio Emergency Service ... /;^)

the dark

My home network is not so afraid of the dark… I have no guarantee of absolute protection from zero-day threats, but no one does. We can only do our best to keep up with current anti-virus and firewall rules, but … Continue reading

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Even old servers deserve our help.

You too may have spent some time recently, responding to the Shellshock threat. Most (many ?) sites had a pretty good grip and were able to apply available patches easily and reduce their visibility quickly. I thought of one client … Continue reading

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I used to live here.

There was a time, when I lived in the hardware. Then it got to where they could train anybody to swap cards, so I had to move on. But, there was a time I could troubleshoot the microcode that flowed … Continue reading

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I’ve been workin . . .

I scribbled this out some time back, in the mid-90s as I was pulling arrows out of my backside – learning how to manage an internet service. I only recently found where I had later saved it in a text … Continue reading

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Just to make sure

Just to be certain that folks wanting to comment here are not really from some sweat-shop in some obscure 3rd world hacker-haven, where they pay under-age video-gamers to provide humanoid responses to the various captcha challenges, we have selected a … Continue reading

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Favorite WordPress links

I like the WordPress environment for use as a CMS, but it has much more capability than I’ll ever remember. After running WordPress on my server for a few years, I decided to move my blogs to, and use … Continue reading

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sendmail delivery to alternate port

Slightly dated, but still a very useful sendmail hack. My cable modem provider blocks not only outbound port 25 to anyone other than their own mail server, but they block inbound port 25 (as tho I am not responsible enough … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is the obligatory first post that comes with every new WordPress blog. We’ll just leave it in here, as we haven’t added much other content so far. This post will also seed the tag cloud. /;^)

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