How to open / close your automatic gate opener with your smart phone

I dabble in all sorts of technical fields and in my capacity as an engineer for Gatekeeper Ltd, I developed the OSM-1 (think Open Says Me).   The OSM-1 device allows you to open or close your automatic gate opener, garage door opener, or really any device that is controlled by a normally open momentary switch.

The OSM-1 is built on a common single board computer the size of a credit card and provides wired and wireless Ethernet so you can connect it to your home network easily.  The OSM-1 builds an outbound TCP connection to the servers at Gatekeeper Ltd so it works behind virtually any firewall.  There is a simple setup process to complete and you must create a free account on gatekeeper’s website.

Once those steps are complete you attach the device to your automatic gate opener and download the smart phone app, available for iOS and Android.  After all of that setup is complete, you can easily open and close your gate from your smart phone  Enjoy.

To buy the device go here.    If you need help start here.

P.S. Oh by the way if you don’t have wired Ethernet at your gate and your wireless network doesn’t reach, you can just install Ethernet over Power adapters like these.

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