I used to live here.

There was a time, when I lived in the hardware.


Ever been to this City ?

Then it got to where they could train anybody to swap cards, so I had to move on.
But, there was a time I could troubleshoot the microcode that flowed and controlled the gates between the pads of these chips. Like a traffic cop, “So you want to add those two registers?; WELL Now, do they both have the same number of bits .?.” ; “And where did you think you would go after that ?” ; “Do you mind if I run a trace on your backplane connections ?” (We didn’t need no stinkin warrants back then either..)..
By Golly, you go droppin some bits around here, we gonna find you……

As much as you would like to hear the rest of that story..   Eh – maybe later…
I’ll be telling you some other stories soon enough.
As much as I have learned from the past, it has to relate to ‘right now’.
To quote Sir Paul McCartney “Do some good before you say GoodBye“.
Thanks  /;^)


About wb5rmg

Twitter-ish Bio: AMSAT, APRS, ARES, ARRL, Cisco, Dad, Digital, EmComm, Husband, Kundalini, IA, IT, LinkedIn, NASA, RedHat, Satellites, SomeNet, TV, WireShark, WordPress, ZFx My day job is Network Engineering for NASA @ MSFC, primarily supporting the International Space Station. My other 'job' is working as an Assistant ARRL Emergency Coordinator for the Huntsville - Madison County AL Amateur Radio Emergency Service ... /;^)
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