Nexus VRF route confusion

Here is something that confuses more than a couple people on the Nexus platform.

You might think that because the IOS/XE command to create a default route in your management VRF is:

ip route  vrf management

That the command:

ip route mgmt0 vrf management

would do the same on the Nexus platform, but you would be wrong.
It does not create a default route in VRF management  it creates a route which has it’s next hop in VRF management but the route itself would go into the default VRF (or whichever VRF you are in when you enter the command).  This is useful for MPLS L3-VPN route leaking.

The correct command syntax on the Nexus is:

n7k-i2(config-if)# vrf context management
n7k-i2(config-vrf)# ip route
n7k-i2(config-vrf)# end


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