File Synchonization that works 2/2

What I’m going to show you how to do today is fix a couple of business problems with CloudStation.   We’ll be using two applications, Quickbooks and NeatWorks.

Businesses that use QuickBoooks have started using hosted QuickBooks because it allows them to outsource their accounting to anywhere on the globe, eliminates PC problems from taking down their business and provides better redundancy for the QB data file.  But the downside to that is that they no longer have their QB file on their local hard drive and so can’t load it locally if they needed to etc.  This problem can be solved by saving a backup each day of your QB data file on the cloudstation sync folder in your data center from your hosted QB account ( suppports this option).  The file will automatically sync back to your local hard drive instantly.

The second problem Cloudstation can fix invovles NeatWorks.  Small businesses love Neatworks for cleaning up their desks and saving all of the documents in searchable format in a database.  Neatworks now offers a cloud service for this, but it costs money.  An alternative is to move the Neatworks database folder to a cloudstation folder which will sync up to the cloud and your other machines.  There is one trick to moving the Neatworks folder though.  First grab the folder in explorer and copy it to somewhere safe temporarily.  Then move it to the cloudstation folder.  Finally setup a symbolic link to point to cloudstation so that NeatWorks can find it.    To do that go to the command line in Windows and type this:

C:\Users\customer service\Documents>mklink /J “Neat Data” “c:\Users\Customer
Service\Documents\baldwinpines\Neat Data”

Where “customer service” is my user id in windows

baldwinpines is the name of the cloudstation folder

“Neat Data” is the neatworks directory

Now when you update neatworks on your PC it will sync the files up to the cloud and if your PC dies you can pull them back.  Maybe someday they will get Neatworks to work on a terminal server so you can view the documents in the cloud.

Good Luck

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