File Synchonization that works 1/2

If you haven’t heard about it Dropbox ( offers really awesome file synchronization services from your computer to your other computers.  Google was next to come along with their Google Drive and provide pretty much the same thing.  There are only two things wrong with these services, you lose control of your data, and they limit you to 2-5GB.  Well now we have CloudStation from Synology .  If you have a Synology NAS, which you should they are fantastic, you can use the cloudstation add on to sync your PCs and MACs with your NAS over the Internet.  You can even sync multiple folders like a shared folder and a home folder.  If you don’t own a Synology NAS or your Internet is not robust enough for this you could consider checking into this company which full disclosure myself and Bryan McJunkin founded in 1996 though I’ve moved on since then.  They offer hosted Cloudstation services among other cloud services.  Part 2 of this blog will show you some case studies in how to use cloudstation along with other cloud services to improve your business resiliancy.

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